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Threads is a responsive WooCommerce theme developed by Organic Themes. It’s available for purchase at the themes page. Specially designed for stores with clothes and fashion related products, the theme costs $79 and comes with an offer of 30-days money-back assurance.

Once you’re done with setup, head back to the main WordPress Dashboard. You’ll see the plugin has added a bunch of options and extra menus to your site. We’ve got the basic setup done, so we’ll come back to these new settings later on – including adding products. As you can see, WooCommerce has everything you’d want from an eCommerce plugin.

Final thoughts on setting up WooCommerce for international orders

Hostinger offers WooCommerce hosting plans specifically designed for eCommerce stores. Many times, it’s the little extra touches and personalization that seal the purchase decision for your customers, especially when the item is a gift. It allows you to easily start an online store and start selling without any technical skill. While using Shopify, software, installing updates, or managing backups isn’t necessary. It’s also important to factor an SSL certificate into the costs of running an ecommerce site.

  • WooCommerce has created a standard for other eCommerce platforms.
  • It is installed and uninstalled the same way as any other WordPress plugin.
  • In fact, that is the promise of online shopping, to provide a fast and convenient shopping experience.
  • In January 2020, it was estimated that WooCommerce is used by around 3.9 million websites.
  • One of the most frustrating parts about online shopping happens when you have to hunt for the price – and that’s the easiest detail to add to a product page.

As mentioned earlier, WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. Therefore, you first need to install and set up WordPress. Some of WooCommerce’s more advanced features are only unlocked through the use of paid extensions. If you’re going to invest time and money in creating something online you need to make sure that your main tool won’t leave you stranded anywhere along the way.

Quick setup

Both WooCommerce and Magneto can be a great option that can help in selling and boost online business. But when compared in detail, you can see that they are What is Woocommerce perfect for different businesses. Magento is said to be perfect for an enterprise-level business whereas WooCommerce is good for small budget business.

What is Woocommerce

For example, when selling to customers in Europe and other eastern nations, you need to collect the value-added tax . If you currently only sell in the US, this is something new you’ll need to plan for. Besides leveraging the right WooCommerce CRM for your online business, choosing the right web host is also crucial for optimal performance and seamless integration. A reliable web host ensures smooth eCommerce operations for your WooCommerce hosting solution, taking care of your online store.

Secure WooCommerce Hosting

A domain name is your website’s name using which people can find your website. An SSL certificate verifies your website as secure and allows the connection between your website and user. There are some essential functions that come with managing an online store, like shipping and payment gateways, each of which involve their own expenses. I’m Pavel Ciorici, the founder of WPZOOM, and I’m passionate about all things WordPress. This will guide you through some of WooCommerce’s key settings. You’ll want to go through this setup straightaway and fill in all the details relevant for your store.

Mobile devices are the biggest usage medium of internet users worldwide. Imagine focusing your ecommerce store only on desktop users and losing out on all mobile users. WooCommerce saves you with its mobile-friendliness, so you can provide your customers an excellent experience on their phones. Any WordPress user can download the free plugin, and get started with making their dream online store. Packed with tens of extensions, it also provides unique functionalities to its users to incorporate them into their stores.

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WooCommerce is based on WordPress so it does need a hosting provider. It’d be better if you choose one of the official hosting partners of WooCommerce because their plans are affordable and reliable. But WooCommerce depends on WordPress, hosting providers, and security plugins for protection.

What is Woocommerce

This product page features two of their tables, and the prices are right there, impossible to miss. WooCommerce covers it all, from local delivery or pickup to international delivery. You may set your rate to “Automatic” to offer minimum rates to your customers as per their location. You can also add a shipping calculator in the shopping cart or hide the shipping rates until users enter their address. By pivoting from commercial themes to ecommerce, Woo quickly became the fastest-growing ecommerce platform on the internet. After passing seven million downloads and hosting the first-ever WooConf in San Francisco for 320 attendees, there was an appetite to go even further.


To get started with WooCommerce, you don’t need many extensions. But they are a great, easy way to add extra functionality later on. When you’re considering a theme, be sure to check all WooCommerce pages – not just the shop page. This includes the ‘My Account’ section, the cart, and checkout page.

You can write original content to promote your products and create brand awareness. As the WooCommerce plugin is based on WordPress (the world’s most widely used CMS), it offers a built-in blogging feature. An example of such a plugin functionality is adding size charts of different products. Here’s how you can add size charts for your eCommerce store to reduce returns. Every single element of your WooCommerce store is customizable. You can add custom themes to give the desired look to your store, and also add custom features to the WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce Provides World-Class Content Management

Agile CRM’s wide range of features might feel overwhelming for beginners. Moreover, for large-scale businesses, the cost per user can add up. Drip is one of the most potent eCommerce CRM plugins for WooCommerce that focuses on building strong, profitable relationships with customers at scale. 360-degree contact view – get a detailed view of your customers, including their purchase history and interactions with your store. Email campaigns – create segments to build and manage email ad campaigns for old and new customers. FluentCRM is a self-hosted email marketing automation plugin for WordPress that’s perfect for WooCommerce.