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Bulgaria may be a beautiful Western european country that boasts a diverse culture, stunning beach locations, and many sightseeing attractions. It is also probably the most popular locations for couples looking to get from their way of life and indulge in some much-needed romance. Whether youre planning to visit this beautiful nation for the first time, and/or an experienced tourist looking for new things to do in bulgaria, this article is sure to help you strategy the perfect affectionate getaway.


One of the most charming and gorgeous top locations to see in getaway, Sofia can be described as city using a flawless encompassment of old and contemporary township. Highlighting 2000 years old chapels, cathedrals, and municipal buildings on one hand and modern day art galleries, museums, and metropolis parks one the other side of the coin; this largest Bulgarian capital town is relocated by tourists throughout the year.


Nestled by the Black Ocean, this quite beachside city is a distinguished tourist vacation spot in Getaway. It can be famous for their ancient damages, edifices, bulgarian brides and magnificent seashores. It is also residence to a various restaurants, pubs, cafes, and water sports making it a perfect summertime retreat intended for couples.


Another largest dock city is actually a major professional and commercial centre in Getaway but is additionally an amazing place to enjoy the magnificence of dynamics. It has a wide selection of restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, museums, and theatres which might be well-frequented by simply both local people and holidaymakers alike. Located on the shores with the Black Sea, Apuokas is a must-visit place in getaway for lovers who love to relax and have fun.