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ScienceSoft advocates PWA as a way to have one app for web and mobile audiences as it serves optimized styling and layout depending on a viewpoint size. ScienceSoft developed a fashion assistant app that allows viewing new collections of the brand and trying them on a virtual persona. Meanwhile, traffic sources can help you optimize your marketing efforts correctly. For example, you could double down on a marketing channel pulling the most traffic. For example, a high bounce rate on a particular page could signal a technical issue with the page.

web development for ecommerce

You may also want to consider domain name availability when choosing your ecommerce business’s name. As online shopping steadily takes over the global retail market, nearly 15% of sales take place online, and that number is steadily increasing. If you want your small business to be a part of this coming wave, it’s absolutely crucial that you have a well-developed ecommerce website.

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Allocate resources, both manpower and financial, to varied facets of website development, such as development, content creation, design, and marketing. E-commerce Website Development is also crucial to build a robust online brand. A standard and professional website can aid in establishing credibility and trust with consumers. It can also be used to communicate a company’s unique selling points as well as a value proposition.

web development for ecommerce

Start by testing technical issues like site speed, responsiveness, and browser compatibility. Any longer than that and your bounce rate will rise significantlyroof. Test your page load times with a tool like Google’s PageSpeed Insights, and use its recommendations to improve performance. Running these kinds of tests can help you determine the most intuitive product categorization for your brand and customers. Keep in mind that a business could have more than one buyer persona.

Hick’s law: how to make choices easier for users

You’ll need detailed product descriptions using targeted keywords to let the search engine find the products faster. If your current website is no longer performing, does not look professional or visually appealing, it’s time for website re-development. As markets around the world reshape, more businesses are embracing a digital-first approach.

Once you have the website ready, all you need to do is set up payment processing and list your products on the website to start selling. There is no need to wait for new employees, stockpile inventory or generate enough marketing buzz. You can use different media including video, audio, stories, customer reviews and personalized messaging to build an experience your customers cherish and share with others. When it comes to choosing and setting up a payment gateway, many online retailers opt for third-party tools such as Stripe or PayPal to make the process easier and more secure. If you are redirecting the customer to other websites, you must ensure that the data is fully encrypted before transfer.

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For example, both WordPress and Shopify offer premium themes that range in price from around $30 to over $200. The benefit is that many offer more unique designs, which can help businesses that want a specific look to reduce the amount of time spent customizing their chosen theme. For impressive eCommerce web development you primarily need to focus on user-friendliness. Make sure that your website is easy to use, interactive and engaging.

  • This is a pretty time-intensive route to building your ecommerce site, and the emergence of platforms has made it a less common option.
  • The design and functionality of your eCommerce website design could make or break conversions and affect your bottom line.
  • They’ll install and configure the WooCommerce plugin, set up all the must-have integrations for inventory, messaging, checkout, and shipping.
  • And let’s not forget being able to snag a domain name — a unique brand name means you have a better shot at getting your ideal domain name.
  • We have been crafting custom websites and mobile apps for some of the most established fashion brands, fashion designers, and industry startups since 2004.

Being in the process of an online marketplace launch, we looked for a consulting partner to help us shape a final product vision with strong competitive advantages. We trusted the experience of ScienceSoft in market entry consulting. The consultant did a great job creating a dynamic UX prototype of our marketplace and planning integrations important for fast and effective business workflows. ScienceSoft created a Pannellum-based virtual webstore where users can move across a digital showroom, view 360° products photos and chat with consultants. We inspect ecommerce websites and infrastructure for code defects, security vulnerabilities, performance and UX issues. If your current ecommerce solution hinders business development, we help you move to a more flexible and scalable architecture and transfer business data.

GitHub Flow: A Quick 5-Step Process

With a simple brochure site, A&C Plastics knew it was time to break into selling online. Partnering with OuterBox, A&C launched a full eCommerce experience and tackled first-page Google rankings. Organic traffic is now up over 550% with online sales increasing by more than 300%. Our in-house development team has the expertise to create custom functionality to make your site easier to shop and easier to manage.

web development for ecommerce

To keep your steps ahead of others, online business owners adopt the newest technologies to appear at its best in front of the customers. You are nearly halfway through the development of your ecommerce website. Once you’ve finalized and tested your e-commerce site development platforms, it’s time to pick a strategy and begin the development process. The majority of these tools provide a variety of features, functionalities, and pricing models.

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Shopify is the most widely used eCommerce platform, holding 29% of the market share. With over 3.7 million live eCommerce websites on Shopify, you can rest assured your business is on a stable platform that will be around for years to come. One of the best features of Shopify is the ability to easily manage your content, including products, categories, orders, and even create landing pages. Also, because Shopify is SaaS (software as a service), you’ll get regular updates, security patches, and more applied to your site without a glitch. Shopify limits the amount of maintenance you’ll need to run your business, which is a huge advantage compared to open source platforms such as Magento. We make your site the best ecommerce website on the internet, enhancing your brand and digital presence while giving your customers an easy way to access the products they need.

Consider all these factors when choosing the best option to develop your ecommerce website. Search engine optimization (SEO) enhances your products’ visibility, and ultimately sales (known as conversion rate), by causing your site to rank higher in search engines. The navigation is clear and simple, allowing people to easily find the products they’re looking for.

Add The Products Along With Description & Categories

Check the site across multiple browsers to ensure it’s working correctly. The last thing you want is to launch your business with a buggy, broken website. That could damage your brand reputation, making it harder to pull customers in the future. Mountaineer Brand is an excellent example of an ecommerce brand that gets its product descriptions right. The information helps a potential customer understand the direct benefits of purchasing and using the product.