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When the pandemic hit, many companies were forced to allow their workforce to work from home. A study by ConnectSolutions revealed that 77% reported increased productivity when working offsite, while 30% reported that they finished more work in less time. Being a mature global ITO destination, India offers a large and talented pool of programmers across emerging technologies. Whether a start-up, SMB, or enterprise, every business is looking to build a digital-first company to meet the evolving market demands. IT outsourcing(ITO) has become a go-to solution for companies to speed up digitization, and India has emerged as one of the top destinations for ITO.

it outsourcing trends

Additionally, businesses can ensure continuity with an outsourcing partner through a more extended outsourcing contract. Companies preferred outsourcing with multiple vendors before the pandemic. But now, most want a strategic partnership with one (or fewer) vendors, as recently reported by the University of Cambridge. For this, they’ll need skilled employees and advanced technology — which can be expensive in most countries. Outsourcing gives companies a competitive advantage by reducing operating costs, enabling staffing flexibility, and saving time. Updating your business strategy with the latest trends will allow you to take advantage of new opportunities while mitigating any potential risks.

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As a corollary, customer support representatives can focus on more complex issues. Despite the rise in artificial intelligence demand, not all businesses have the knowledge or finances to develop their software. In connection to the IoTs, business processes automation will continue to grow in the years to come. Businesses will be reliant on automated processes aided by AI and machine learning. Cloud-based advancements will enable teams to have the tools to remain productive. As more workforces shift into a remote setup, this technology will help businesses collaborate better.

it outsourcing trends

It creates some challenges for smooth communication with foreign partners. Another issue mentioned by international companies is the ability to write accurate custom code. Concerning salaries, as we have indicated earlier, the estimated total pay for a software developer from Ukraine is US$1,390 on average per month. In 2022, the rates for middle and senior developers stayed at the same level and rose slightly for junior ones.

How to succeed in non technical jobs in tech: a roadmap to a beneficial career switch

RPA can answer customer queries more quickly with fewer errors than humans and can also handle repetitive tasks like invoice processing or data entry. Yes, the IT outsourcing industry is growing, driven by factors such as increasing it outsourcing trends demand for specialized skills, cost savings, and global economic trends. Although most nations have recovered from the pandemic and businesses have started operating from offices, the IT outsourcing industry will continue to grow.

Implementation of robotics in businesses is a cost-effective way to replace human labor. The increasing automation of data entry and transcription tasks will leave humans with more time to work on value-added tasks like strategy development, relationship building, and decision-making. In the next two years, the global cloud computing market will rise up to 623.3 billion US dollars. More companies are looking at similar platforms to incorporate it into their services or products. They find that when more people use blockchain services, the more secure it becomes.

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The demand for experts is increasing in parallel with the growing interest in blockchain technology. As a result, businesses are opting to outsource their software engineering needs to companies that employ experts in the sector. IT Outsourcing Trends 2022 – Outsourcing Software Firms are increasingly interested in trends, IT operations, and functions. According to the Gartner report, businesses spent $3.8 billion in 2019 on IT outsourcing. The current trend is expected to last a long time and continue in the future.

  • More companies are looking at similar platforms to incorporate it into their services or products.
  • They have knowledge of each part of the application, from the front-end to the databases and underlying technologies.
  • This explains the need for experts in the field with decentralized apps (dApps) and software engineering in cryptography projects.
  • The first is to ask your partners and colleagues whom you trust and value their opinions.
  • Increased IT spending will be accompanied by an increase in outsourcing.
  • This change could be due to the relative comfort of companies’ experience in managing supply chains over a shorter distance and more minor zone differences of nearshore companies.

It suggests that businesses must look for providers with high-quality services, aim for high flexibility, and leverage updated technology while outsourcing in 2023. The large enterprise is the major shareholder in the global IT outsourcing market. Reduction in implementation costs, reduction of wait times, and increased productivity are the factors leading the larger enterprise to outsource IT. Increasing cloud adoption trends across large enterprises are driving the market revenues.

Who are the key players in IT Outsourcing Market?

Cleveroad’s expertise is not limited to these areas, and we also create marketplaces, media solutions like social networks or video-on-demand platforms, and much more. Collaboration with outsourcing technical partners allows startups founders to reduce the initial investment. Also, thanks to the efficiency of vendors, the project can be launched faster, enabling you to get ahead of competitors. It’s more of a coaching role, a person who sits between the project and the client. The Scrum Master does not control the team that produces the work – instead, he supports the product owner, coaches the team, and ensures that the Scrum processes are followed.

it outsourcing trends

But all of them have progressed to adapt to changes in the way people use technology. Outsourcing is a process where you hire an external party to fulfill goods or services that you can also do in-house. Companies that provide outsourcing services have access to skilled talent who live in different parts of the world. They are the ones who are responsible for payroll, employee management, and ensuring the delivery of quality software products.

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Small companies are also less likely to have experienced employees due to their limited payroll budget, and outsourcing enables them to access the best talents. Cloud outsourcing is essential to access other modern technologies like AI, RPA, and machine learning. It also empowers a company to collect and store resources on the cloud and access cloud services.

This change could be due to the relative comfort of companies’ experience in managing supply chains over a shorter distance and more minor zone differences of nearshore companies. Similarly, a 2022 report by Bloomberg revealed that 80% of companies in North America like the United States, were actively considering nearshoring. In the post-pandemic world, companies are nearshoring more than in previous years.

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According to Statista, the IT outsourcing industry is growing at a CAGR of 8.93% and will be worth a market volume of $551,956.3 million by 2026. Outsourcing services such as customer support improves the customer experience and lowers operational costs significantly. Also, Eastern Europe has a high percentage of skilled people (including tech professionals), affordable talent, and strong data security. An MSP is a third-party service provider that manages a specialized operation, like data security.